enhance your nails in both acrylic and bio sculpture gel


Nail Enhancements (Acrylic or Gel)

There are different types of artificial nail enhancement available, each with different benefits for individual customers. They are applied over the top of a false plastic tip, that adheres to the nail to make it longer.

Acrylic Nail Enhancements – £40

The acrylic itself is a mixture of liquid monomer and a powder polymer, which when combined form a hard protective layer that is sculpted over the natural nail.

Acrylic nail extensions only become hard when exposed to air, and when this happens and the process is complete the nails become a strong and glossy base – fantastic for colour application. Ideal if you have a busy lifestyle, or are a little heavy-handed.

Acrylic Nail Enhancements with Bio Sculpture Gel Colour Overlay – £50

Also available as an add-on with your Acrylic Nail Enhancements, why not have a Bio Sculpture gel colour overlay? This is where I apply thin layers of coloured gel over the top of your acrylic enhancements. So you get the strength and length of the acrylic and the beauty of a non-chip, long lasting gel colour.

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay Nails – £32

More flexible than acrylic, although not quite as strong. Lets your nails breathe more, and brings a lovely shine to the finished nail. I use Bio Sculpture Gel, one of the best, if not THE best, soak off gels available. Gel is particularly good for customers who have very short, weak or bitten nails, because they allow the nail to strengthen and grow below the layer of gel.

The gel is usually applied in very fine layers, then ‘curing’ or ‘sealing’ the gel with a UV light between each layer so that the finished result is hard, but still flexible, with a natural looking shiny finish which is both instantly dry and chip resistant. Another plus point for gel nails is that the gel is odourless.

Nail Tips

The types of nail tips available are – Clear tips, white tips, natural looking. There’s bound to be a style to suit you!